Selling A Home Or Property

We net you the highest possible price for your home, and coordinate closing dates ensuring least amount of inconvenience in your sale and purchase. With over 20 years in the industry, Leading Edge Real Estate Services makes the selling process easy.  Our experienced agents and strategic marketing experts are known for getting the best, highest price possible for your home.  You can count on your Leading Edge Real Estate Services professional to provide the best service throughout your selling experience.

Seller Services

Leading Edge Real Estate Services is heavily involved from start to completion of every real estate transaction as well as post-sale follow-up communication. 

Pre-Listing Activities

You can expect your Leading Edge Real Estate Services agent to seamlessly orchestrate pre-listing activities including: researching comparable properties in your neighborhood as well as sales activities over the past year and the average number of days a property in your area has been on the market over the last twelve months. Your agent will review property tax information, prepare a Comparable Market Analysis in order to establish your home’s fair market, verify the legal description and prepare a listing package. Your agent will also provide a brief overview of the current market conditions and projections and offer a pricing strategy best suited to the sale of your home. 

Listing Agreement

Once you have entered a listing agreement, your professional will prepare showing instructions for buyer agents. Your realtor will review an appraisal if applicable and verify possible association fees. 

Additional Services

Agents will also communicate the benefits of a Home Warranty and make arrangements for the placement of a lock box and “for sale” sign on the premises. Your property will be photographed and then entered into the MLS database.  Once your listing has gone “active” in the MLS, the agent will coordinate showings and open houses.

Marketing your Home

Consistent marketing is the key to a quick sale and your Leading Edge Real Estate Services realtor will compile and distribute all marketing materials on your behalf. In addition, your experienced agent will communicate with you regarding feedback from private showings and open houses and handle all negotiations related to offers and contract reviews as well as final acceptance of purchase offer. 

Home Evalutation

What is your home or property worth? Contact us today and one of our experts will let you know exactly how much you can expect to receive in return.

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Seller's Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a home can be cause for worry and stress. Below are a few commonly asked questions by buyers.  

There are many factors and multiple shifting variables in understanding current market conditions.  Leading Edge Real Estate Services agents are fully equipped to offer up-to-date information about the local market while providing education regarding how such conditions effect you and the sale of your home.  Consult one of our experts regarding the average number of days on market for current homes sales, average sale prices in your area and market absorption rates.  

There are advantages to timing the market appropriately, however the best time to sell is whenever you determine you are ready to move on.  Spring is a popular time for sellers, however you can achieve the desired results regardless of season with a skilled Leading Edge Real Estate Services agent who knows how to sell year round.

While most homeowners work to declutter, deep clean, patch/paint, spruce up the lawn, etc., every home is different.  Leading Edge Real Estate Services can make personal recommendations tailored to the needs of your home in order to ensure a successful sale for the best possible price in the shortest time possible.  

Simply put: no.  While many websites offer pricing options, they are not equipped to adequately price your specific home as their information is extracted from large databases and offer pricing based on broad generalities.  Many times, owners over or underprice their homes.  In reality, home pricing is not a simple as you might think.  In order to sell a home quickly at the highest possible price, current market knowledge must be taken into consideration.  Your home is worth only what buyers are willing to pay for it and website algorithms are no match for a Leading Edge Real Estate Services professional.   As a seller, you can’t afford to misprice your product.  

The list price is the goal which the seller would like to meet as closely as possible for a property.  The sale price is reflective of an offer accepted on the home; the price for which the home actually sold.  Leading Edge Real Estate Services suggests a list price and calculated probably sale price.  

Assessed value: a figure used to collect appropriate tax amount.  Market Value: the amount for which your home can be sold.

Overpricing a home leads to unnecessary risks and typically drives potential buyers to other, better priced homes.  Overpricing leads to increased days on the market and the stigma that your property is a “problem” home which will draw lowball offers or no offer at all.

There are simple things you can take to ready your home for both: declutter, clean and remove large or bulky and unnecessary items such as extra furniture in order to make the home feel as spacious as possible.  Make sure all of the curtains are drawn, and the home is getting good natural sunlight.  Turn on light in otherwise naturally dark spaces and reach out to your Leading Edge Real Estate Services realtor for additional helpful tips.  In addition, plan a place where you can go for the duration of the open house or showing.  Seller presence is intimidating to buyers and not recommended.  In most cases, buyers will be accompanied by their own realtor for private showings.  However, in the event that a buyer’s agent cannot be present, a Leading Edge Real Estate Services professional will make alternate arrangements.

You can expect your Leading Edge Real Estate Services realtor to attend your home inspection in order to take notes for your benefit.  

Honesty is the best policy.  All significant issues should be disclosed: leaky basement, faulty electrical issues, items in need of repair, etc.  However, there is such a thing as “buyer beware”.  It is best to consult your Leading Edge Real Estate Services professional regarding state disclosure mandates and the best way to handle necessary disclosures.  While you do not necessarily need to provide a laundry list of problems, it is important to answer questions regarding significant issues with honesty. 

While we do not commonly experience this issue, we recognize that it can happen.  In  the event that your home doesn’t appraise, your Leading Edge Real Estate Services expert can challenge the appraisal, requesting an adjustment.  In some instances, buyers make up the difference by adding additional funds to the deposit.  There are a myriad of options should you face this situation and we are here to assist in each step of the process.